به نام خدا





=         Base made of durable and easy to clean plastic

=         Wall made of transparent Plexiglass® 

=         The color can be changes according to costumer order

=         Equipped with electronically controlled doors operated either manually or automatically

=         Designed for optional use with either infra-red tracking system or video tape recording



Arms dimensions

50 cm (L) ×10 cm (W)

Walls height

20 cm (near doors), 2 cm (edge)

Height from the floor

60 cm


Spatial learning and working memory could be tested using the Y maze or radial arm maze, both of which require the animal to use spatial cues to learn the location of a reward. The radial arm maze consists of a central platform surrounded by eight arms, and may be used to assess working memory. As in the Morris water maze, cues are placed around the room to distinguish the locations of the arms. During training, food rewards are placed in each arm to encourage exploration (mild food deprivation prior to training may be required to increase the rat's motivation). On the test day, each arm is again baited, and the observer records the amount of time it takes for the rat to consume all of the rewards, as well as the number of errors made (entries into an arm already visited). Alternatively, the rat may be trained to associate only certain arms with reward. On the test day, the time taken to complete the task and the number of errors remain the relevant data points