Photobeam activity s

به نام خدا

Photobeam activity system




=         Designed to use for both locomotion and hole-board testing in rats and mice

=         Infra-red tracking system

=         Tracks up to 6 animals simultaneously

=         Convenient, menu-based software

=         Real time reporting of activity

=         Reports counts and zone entries

=         Rearing option available

=         Supports various mazes such as T-maze, Y-maze, zero maze, plus maze, and radial arm maze


The Photobeam Activity System is designed for open field style activity testing using a standard transparent plastic cage. The Photobeam Activity System uses a Locomotor frame (with a 5 x 5 photobeam configuration for and or a 2 × 2 photobeam configuration for rats) to track the animal specific path. It can be configured with an optional Rearing frame. System size is adaptable from 1 test station to a maximum of 6 test stations. The height of the frames is adjustable to accommodate different types of animals being tested. The Photobeam Activity System works equally well with rats or mice. The Photobeam Activity System records the number of beam breaks caused by the animal's movement. The location of the animal is calculated at every beam break and time stamped. 

The apparatus reports the locomotion data in 10 min intervals.


Dimensions (HxWxD)

20cm X 14cm X 8 cm

Power Requirements

220 V, 50/60 HZ