Video tracking (NEW)

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Video tracking (NEW) 

 “video tracking”  is  software the most widely applied  and  a flexible  that tracks and analyses in behavioural experiments, movement, and activity of any animal, without the use of sensors.





“video tracking is a platform you can use to fully automate your research, increasing productivity and efficiency, while reducing human error. Functionality is to tracking the animal’s path and calculating statistics, such as distance travelled, velocity, road map, time to reach target, etc.

“Video tracking” system designed to automate testing in a wide range of behavioural apparatus, such as:

• Water-mazes (pre-programmed user-defined zone Definition:)
• Plus mazes
• Z-, T-, Y-mazes
• Radial mazes
• Open fields
• Locomotor activity boxes (pre-programmed user-defined zone Definition:)

Eight-port hardware is optionally available. It can be connected to new stimulus and response devices, which will be added to the test apparatus. The response device can be controlled via video tracking & Hardware Control Module (using the Interface).